Thus begins a journaling experiment. For sometime now, I have wished to share the many joys, sorrows and blessings that have been such a large part of daily life in my family. Many family friends have heard these stories, sharing laughter and tears as well as wonder at some of the more unusual events that have become, in some ways, almost common place. It has been quite awhile since I have written to an audience so please forgive me if I ramble, make a grammatical “slip” or if my style is a bit too “prosy”. As the mother of a large homeschooling family with little time to spare, it would seem that an approach geared towards word economy would best suit my station, but my friends will tell you that economy of speech is not one of my strong points! It is my sincere hope that these “snapshots” or vignettes of our family life for the past 25 years will serve as reminders of God’s many graces so freely given…sometimes readily visible and bordering on the miraculous and at other times as hidden and mysterious as faith itself.