News regarding the long awaited Motu Proprio continues to circulate. A statement issued by Cardinal Castrillon last week after his meeting with the Holy Father seems to confirm rumors. Here is a portion:

“There is no turning back, [the Pope] is not leading the Church to a reverse position; the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and has the Holy Spirit who always guides him forward, which does not mean that things which may have deteriorated may not be perfected.”

“It [The Traditional Mass] will not be imposed on anyone, it does not in any way contradict the current [Mass], the Mass of the Council Fathers was that of Saint Pius V, they did not celebrate the Mass of Paul VI, these two Masses are not be be [mutually] opposed.” “In the Mass of Saint Pius V there is a ritual expression which is enjoyed by some; there are those who wish to celebrate it occasionally, but without it meaning any disregard, [but] complete respect for the new rite.”

“The Pope wishes to preserve for mankind a treasure which sanctified the Church for more than a thousand years: the rite codified by Saint Pius V; this treasure, this cultural expression, this language which was the language of the Church from the earliest time”. [Benedict XVI] “loves the liturgy [and] does not wish to retro act, does not intend to impose, it is an offer for those who have this sensibility.”

A dear friend of our family has also received confirmation from Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand that the Holy Father did indeed reveal to her that the Motu Proprio would be released in May.