Another birthday! Today Sir Galahad is nine years old. Sunday we will host a brunch to celebrate the many joys of this month. It has been the goal of our family for many years now, to shift the focus on birthdays from the gift giving “extravaganza”, to one of celebration. Don’t get me wrong, here. My children have not yet attained sainthood and are just as excited over receiving gifts and cards as any other children. Nearly all of them are guilty of the “slash and shake” approach to birthday cards (you know…slash the card open, shake out the contents, pick up the cash)

We don’t, as a rule, host “birthday” parties. We all like birthday parties, but in a large family it simply is not practical nor feasible. So, we host “celebrations” instead. Food, family, friends, fun. We try to encourage our children to look forward to the arrival of their friends and the fellowship which will bring true joy to the day. Any gifts received are set aside, to be opened later and thanks are offered beforehand.

Tomorrow is also the Feast of Pentecost, another birthday. “Veni Sancte Spiritus!” Happy Birthday to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church…could there be a better reason to celebrate?