18 years. I can’t believe it. My little girl, my Clementine, will be 18 in just a few days.

Yesterday, we spent the day in orientation and advising for college. She is so very excited…filled with the joy that comes with anticipating an adventure.

As we were strolling past the school supplies in a local store, she exclaimed: “School supplies! I get to buy my own school supplies for a real school! OH! Umm…sorry mom, you know what I mean don’t you?”

Sigh,(deep cleansing breath)…of course, I do. Independence, that’s what she means. Thank heavens she’s only commuting!

Independence…a few steps at a time.

Here’s a little slideshow (it might load a little slowly after clicking the “read more” link), a brief glimpse into 18 years of life with this wonderful girl…we love you sweetie!