It is 9:00 a.m. on a Monday morning and every single one of my children are asleep. Dead to the world. Why? This is the aftermath of my dear daughter’s graduation/birthday party.

What an evening! A breezy, moonlit night spent with fifty wonderful, traditional Catholics. The food was incredible: Hubby prepared his “signature” specialty, country style ribs with “secret sauce”. Smashed potato salad (my specialty), cole slaw and tomato salad (fresh from the garden), “cowboy” baked beans and a variety of delightful and tempting dishes provided by our generous friends.

And beer. Lots of beer.

Our dear seminarian, Mr. Michael Connaughton, led us all in the Latin Table Blessing and the festivities commenced. Conversation galore, entertaining stories and the occasional outburst of song from our dear priest, Fr. Kevin Lutz. The boys played football and blew up water bottles by quickly capping them after filling them with dry ice and water. The little ones played amongst the sunflowers and in the sandbox, while the young ladies engaged in earnest conversation as they observed the antics of the young “football stars.”

This is how Sunday evenings should be spent. During our “Catholic Commune” days (I’ll have to share that story, one day), this was the rule, not the exception. Evenings of good food, fine conversation, children running around in joyful play…a beautiful way of life.

So…thank you, my dear friends. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you for helping us celebrate this lovely young woman. May God bless each of you for the generous gift of your time…oh yeah…thanks for the beer!