Feeling like a rank amateur, I’ve have taken up the needles again. Though I am working on an extremely simple creation of my own design (knitting on the “fly” as I like to call it), my previously speedy knitting has become somewhat slow and clumsy. To be expected, I imagine, after a 6 month hiatus.

Knitting has been increasingly difficult, over the past two years. The problem: I knit too much! If I were a creature of moderation, I would never have knit to the point of injury.

Alas…obsession knows no bounds. The advent of the change in seasons and several lovely skeins of “Italia – Umbria”, reminiscent of a pumpkin patch in fall, has fired the fan of creativity. Must…knit….must…knit!!

My oldest daughter is expecting my 4th granddaughter in a couple weeks. The fingers are a little too rusty, right now, to attempt the delicate pieces that I wish to present to little “Thumbelina”.

So, I’ll keep “knitting away” (with moderation, of course!)in hopes that my previous proficiency will return.