How lovely that the Feast of St. Linus falls on the Sabbath this year! It is to this Holy Pope and Martyr, that we owe our thanks for the decree that women should enter church only with heads covered. What a privilege it is to “veil”…

It is a common misconception that the Church decreed that head-coverings for women are no longer necessary; most Catholic women are unaware of this. From the Fatima Family Apostolate:

On April 3, 1969 when Pope Paul VI promulgated the new Roman Missal reporters gathered at the Vatican and quizzed those who were announcing the new missal. One reporter asked, “Does the new Missal say anything about women wearing head coverings in Church?” The answer given was simply, “No.” Other reporters picked up the response and interpreted it that women no longer needed to wear any head covering in Church. Articles appeared in the secular press around the world, “Catholic women no longer need wear head coverings in Church.” That was a conclusion not even implied in the “No” answer. The Missal had never ever been the place where women were told to wear head coverings. Why should the new Roman Missal so state what concerned the rubrics for the priest celebrating Mass?

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So, when you see a lady in Church this Sunday, sporting a hat or mantilla…think of St. Linus and say a prayer. Thank God for Sacred Tradition!