Three weeks down.

I’m very encouraged. School is going so very well…why do I keep waiting for the rose to lose it’s “bloom?”

Today was an excellent day. A day devoted to History, Science and Art. The scholars (a term I use as a reminder of our mission statement) had an excellent time creating their own…gasp! ancient Roman tomb markers. Using the example of Gaius Mucius Scaevolus‘ marker, they designed their own. Charlotte was tickled to hear Gaius Mucius referred to as Mucius the Left-handed. She’s been calling herself Mucius the Left-handed all day.

We had initially begun an exploration of aerospace and aeronautical engineering. Due to a very profitable thrift store expedition, we have changed course. A really nice microscope and a good friend’s donation of a smaller microscope and slide preparation kit, have paved the way for Microscopy. We have prefaced our class with the history of the microscope. It was such fun to see the look of delight on four year old Emily’s face as she observed the magnification properties of a drop of water. Not once did the younger children exhibit any signs of boredom or restlessness. The up close view of an “invisible world” was simply too intriguing.

To my great delight, Arthur has asked to lead our microscopy class labs. He is more than able, having poured over manuals on care and usage of equipment and slide preparation. All in all, a delightful and engaging day.

Monday, we travel to the National Museum for the USAF for Homeschool Day. The children are excited, but are even more anxious for Tuesday’s classes at home. Microscope slide preparation.

I hear the “professor” is very, very good…