Un-cool. A play on words. Uncle/un-cool. Several years ago, this was my dear daughter Meredith’s pet name for her Uncle.

He is everything BUT un-cool. Incredibly intelligent, articulate and handsome. Rapier wit and artistic as well. A computer genius (he just rescued 7 GB of data trapped in an old computer for five years…all of my youngest daughter’s baby pictures.) And I love him dearly.

This weekend, he took time out from his extremely busy schedule to visit with his nieces and nephews, showering them with so many gifts. The most precious gift amongst the toys and trinkets…him. His time.

The visit, though short, so clearly reveals how tight the ties that bind a family together. Each child vied for his attention. Wanted to sit beside him, hold his hand.

Racing to the woods…what fun! He did everything he could to make each child aware of his loving regard for them as individuals. With much sorrow, we said goodbye.

The miles between us are not so very many. Like most people who love one another, what separates us is not space, but time. The promises to “stay in touch” and spend more time together–these good intentions are often only that…intentions. I’ve not done my part as often as I should to tell him how much I love him. To call him. To email him.

I’m going to change that.

I have one brother. Just one. No sisters. It is my hope that my children will take note, my desire to maintain these ties. That by loving my brother better; they will do the same.

Brothers and sisters…love one another. Stick together.

I love you, brother!

BTW…thanks for the absolutely rocking computer! A 25 in. monitor! The bells! The whistles! It is truly sweeet! But not as sweet as you ;-D!