Does this guy scare you? Is his gaze, perhaps, a bit too serene?

Apparently my four year old thinks so. A dear family friend revealed my sweet girl’s very practical solution to “prying eyes.”

Our friend’s guest bath doesn’t have the traditional wall dispenser for toilet paper. The solution? The handy-dandy Toilet Paper Butler! Another novel solution to the storage of extra rolls? A hand-crafted top-hat sitting on the back of the tank. Nifty and dapper!

Dapper doesn’t just cut it, however, when a very modest four year old encounters the bold stare of a mustached gentleman. Her solution: remove the top-hat from the extra roll and cover the gentleman’s eyes. Voila! Privacy is assured.

It seems my little one is not the only young lady to have a problem with the “bathroom valet”…another young lady turned the gentleman’s face to the wall.

You have to love modest children!