I’m back! Has your Advent-ure been a joyous one, thus far?

Have a cookie and a cup of tea…

As promised, here are a few “snaps” of the happenings at home:

The feast of St. Lucy was celebrated with such sweetness by the two little ones…how happily St. Lucy donned the newly crafted crown (thanks Jen for the inspiration!) Accompanied by her heavenly helper, sporting a nifty crown of scattered stars (her idea):

The tree is decorated and the children are anxiously awaiting the coming of the Christ Child! How fresh and green…decked with red and gold. Truly splendid. It has taken a bit of getting used to, this smaller tree. Last year’s tree was an amazing sight: no less than 12 feet tall. My dear husband actually had to use the chainsaw–IN THE LIVING ROOM–in order to make it fit. This year’s tree: quite sweet and short–hubby carried it in, slung over one shoulder and set it up in less than five minutes. Here’s the decorating crew:

Last year:

This year:

Nightly Advent readings continue…we prepare to light candle #4! Here’s a moment of silliness captured by Dad:

A busy week…here’s what’s left:

Christmas shopping tally: 2 gifts purchased.

Laundry: EEEEK!

Baking: Tomorrow. Hopefully.

Knitting: Three crowns to go. And a hat. Sigh…