My dear Esther, of A Catholic Mom In Hawaii has honored me with a most thoughtful award: Spread The Love. How sweet! All I can say is, “right back atcha, Esther!”

There are so many inspirational blogs, but knowing how quickly these awards spread, I’ll choose five of my favorites:

Jen at Cozy As Spring: I love her fresh outlook and ability to roll with the punches…not to mention her “crafty” ways!

Margaret at Minnesota Mom: Honest, poignant and roflol funny! Her ever-so-mild sarcasm suits me just fine, her devotion to Church and family is inspiring.

Allison at Totus Tuus: Ahhh, me little traddie…I love Allison’s sweet photos and great love for the Traditional Latin Mass.

Barb at Praying For Grace: Pro-life, devoted homeschool mom. Makes me smile daily. I’ve got to meet her one day…

Amy Caroline at Knit Together In Love: She knits. She homeschools. She’s so very funny…I enjoy my daily visits much!

There are many wonderful blogs out there, and not nearly enough time in the day to visit them all. Check out the five above…tell them Kimberly sent you!