“The names have been changed to protect the innocent…”

I remember these words from this television program. I remember thinking it would be pretty cool to be able to change your name (I didn’t particularly like mine!), but consider myself blessed that I’ve never had to.

Until now. I’m changing my family’s blog names, to protect the innocent!

As a relatively new blogger (since 5/2007) I’ve been pretty free with information regarding my family. Using real names, cute photos and such comes naturally to those of us who still have a good deal of confidence in humanity, in general.

Unfortunately, my confidence is a bit shaken, at present. I can’t elaborate the seriousness of my concern at present, but I can share this:

Last night I noticed in my stats that someone had “googled” my oldest daughter at home. Due to a very delicate situation (the one I can’t elaborate on) we were both very concerned. It was imperative that we discover the location of the person who was looking for her (this is local).

Folks…I’m a 40+ homeschooling mother of nine children, and it took me less than 30 seconds to not only get this persons IP address, but search it and graph the coordinates right down to the street address.

The good news: it was someone she knew.

The bad news: if I can do this, anyone can.

I’m certainly not so naive as to believe that changing a few names equates solid anonymity. But I’ve been a bit too free. Ultimately, everything is traceable. By anyone with the knowledge and desire to locate information or individuals.

So…time to get creative! And do a lot of backtracking. I’ll introduce you to our “cast of characters” shortly.