A couple of days ago I received a very strange phone call. In the midst of a conversation with a good friend, an unfamiliar number popped up on my caller ID.  So I “flashed” over to take the call…

Me: Hello?

Him: Oh! Hello? Do you remember me? It’s Matthew “X”. Is…Madge there?

Me: No sir, I believe you have the wrong number.

Him: No mam…this is the right number. It must be true then. Do you live in the “X” area?

Me: Yes sir, I do.

Him: Are you familiar with Henry’s Restaurant? It was a little place. I helped get the restaurant started with Madge…I don’t even know if it’s opened anymore. You see, I’m in a nursing home. Today, someone told me that Madge had recently passed away. It must be true…

Me: Oh, sir! I’m so sorry! I don’t have much information to offer you. We moved here a little less than a year ago, but we’ve only had this number for about three weeks.

Him: So…she’s been gone at least three weeks.

Me: I’m sorry. Is there any other way I can help you? Did she have any other friends locally that might have more information?

Him: Yes…I’m sure I can find someone else. I just wanted to try her number. I hoped it wasn’t true…

Me: I wish you success, sir. I’ll pray for her!

I wish I had told him that I’d pray for him as well! And so we have been. Every night, the family has remembered this sweet man, who lives in a nursing home and is lamenting the loss of a good friend. We’re praying for the repose of the soul of his dear friend, Madge, as well.

It never ceases to amaze me the way our Lord connects souls…Matthew and Madge need prayers…there are people who will pray for them, if only they know!

Would you take the time, dear friend, to offer a little prayer for Matthew and his deceased friend, Madge? Let’s try to remember all of our elderly who are in nursing homes, or simply left alone far too often.

On a lighter note: I “googled” Henry’s restaurant…it’s still open and is regarded as one of the best little “off the beaten path” restaurants around. Apparently, the pie is amazing. Madge had retired, after having built up quite a reputation, but her replacement seems to be managing quite well.