If you ever see a photo on this blog that is startling in its beauty, rest assured I DIDN’T TAKE IT.

My Clementine is an incredible photographer. She is pursuing a graphic arts/photography/journalism major. Her work is breathtaking. She has a series of self-portraits that are quite good. My favorite shot (and one that is gaining a considerable amount of acclaim in photography circles is titled “self-portrait”). The photo titles are all mine…she’s not the sappy, sentimental type. I am 😀

It’s been awhile since she’s posted new photos on her blog, but your welcome to take a peek here. Bless her heart, she’s working two jobs and attending college full time. It amazes me that she has any time at all to take a picture.

Here’s a bit of her work (a few of my favorites…a mother has to brag a bit, you know!)