What a difference

a day makes!

The sun is shining. The steady drip, drip, drip of melting snow is music to my ears. The birds are out in great profusion and the trees and ground show the promise of new life and the imminent arrival of spring.

Even the children agree…we’ve had fun with the snow, but we’re done!

It’s Time for Spring
Bobbi Katz

My sweater’s tight and itchy.
My snow pants are too small.
Last week I lost a mitten.
I can’t find my scarf at all!

My woolen socks have lost their toes.
My boots have lost their tread.
And I have lost the love I had
For words like “skis” and “sled”!

But . . . my fishing rod still fits.
And . . . my baseball bat still hits.
I have a kite that wants to fly.
So . . . winter, call it quits!