Hi there! Resident drudge, reporting for duty…not! Time to take a break and let you have a peek at today’s effort. The children were incredible. They started out wishing that we were doing anything but spring cleaning. A few minutes later, everyone was working harmoniously in the same room! The key? Prayer before hand. A pledge of cooperation from all parties. Making sure everyone was working in the same room. It was very cramped, but there was absolutely no chance of slacking. Arthur marveled at how well the refrigerator looked after his efforts and promptly threatened all of us should we touch it without permission;-D Even little Emily grabbed a rag and began cleaning the cabinet fronts. The result: Cabinets and drawers are organized. The refrigerator is polished to perfection and the clutter has been cleared away. All day in one room. The kitchen had seemed fairly clean when we started…it is amazing what deep cleaning reveals! Check out the skeletons in my closet: