Day 2 in our pre-Triduum cleaning spree: Progress! Though it was a bit disheartening that it took an entire day to deep clean and organize the kitchen, great strides have been made today. The buffet has been completely reorganized: all china and glassware washed, drawers emptied, cleaned and organized and the entire buffet completely dusted and restocked; the sideboard has been thoroughly cleaned and dusted as well.

Before…dusty dishes and all manner of things!

After…clean dishes! Nice and neat!

And then there’s the mudroom…the name says it all, folks. Mud. Room. It’s a really great room, don’t get me wrong…you come in, dirty and muddy, strip down, throw your clothes in the wash, your muddy boots in the utility sink and take a shower. All in the same room. But it’s also the place where everyone throws their dirty clothes. Usually right beside the laundry bin. And we have nine people living in this house. Let’s just say that in the midst of all this cleaning, very little laundry is getting done. As a matter of fact, I haven’t done laundry in four days. So…I’m washing a lot of laundry. Despite the enormous mountain that nearly impeded my entry into said room, we finally managed to clear out the mudroom!!! Hurray!! The washer and dryer are no longer covered with heaven only knows what, the cabinets are organized, boots are on the shoe rack, and the shelf is nearly empty. See for yourself:

Before…nothing like “airing your dirty laundry” for the whole world!

After…is that the top of the washer and dryer?! And the shelf…there’s actually room to store Easter baskets!

And speaking of laundry…lest I fool you into thinking the work is done, check out what’s hiding in the corner:

Tomorrow: we tackle the bathroom, classroom and engage in general cleaning.  And fold a mountain of laundry.  I think we may actually finish on time…