Tagged by Amy (for all the rest of my dear friends who’ve tagged me for other memes…I’m getting there! This was the quickest one I could answer!)

Hmm…not sure about the “critically acclaimed” part, but here’s my list:

Quills: watched approximately 20 minutes. Sucked in by an all-star cast. The most vile movie ever made. Ever.

Mystic River: disappointing. Powerful performances, but absolutely despised the ending.

Michael: You don’t mess with St. Michael the Archangel…enough said.

Titus: I love Shakespeare. The anachronisms were annoying and the images incredibly disturbing. Give me Sir Laurence Olivier! (Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorite actors…just not in this film)

The Exorcist: beyond horrific. I made it half way through this one. Far too real…

Me, Myself and Irene
: Jim Carrey. That’s why. He’s funny. Or at least he was. Made through 1/3.

Interestingly enough, out of that list only one of the movies was a deliberate viewing “choice.” The others were invitations, suggestions and coercions. The one I wanted to see: Mystic River.