It’s astonishing how quickly the Traditional Mass is spreading since the implementation of our Holy Father’s motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum.

So many priests are making a valiant effort to promote the Traditional Mass, also called the Extraordinary Form, within their parishes. Our own dear priest, Fr. Kevin Lutz, has been invited by several local priests, to offer the Immemorial Mass, as well as provide informative lectures

My dear boys have been privileged to serve at these Masses. My oldest son shared his own surprise at the touching reactions of the parishioners witnessing the Latin Mass for the first time, the elderly people who approached him later, thanking him with tears in their eyes, for being there.

Here’s a little pictorial of last night’s Traditional Mass held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. The Latin Mass was last offered there more than forty years ago:

Thanks to Hilaire for this wonderful glimpse of our altar boys!

Young men on a mission!

The caption on the mirror reads “Do you see a vocation here?” I sure hope so…

My little “man in black”, vested and nearly ready to go!

A solemn procession…Arthur served as crucifer and thurifer

Lovely view of the altar

They’ve been waiting for forty years for this…

Fr. Kevin Lutz, champion of the Traditional Mass, during the lecture.

For information on a Traditional Latin Mass near you, check here.