Temperatures in the 70’s and mom’s promise that this time everyone can get wet…

Talk about motivation! The scholars were finished with every subject by noon. The house was tidied, the backyard cleaned up and dinner was simmering on the stove. We packed a few sandwiches, some fresh fruit and veggies, several bottles of water and headed back to the creek.

When we arrived, we noticed a couple public school buses and a playground full of children. My children quickly realized how very fortunate they were, that they could stay as long as they wanted, explore as much as they wished and get wet. We met another family who did everything they could to keep their little girl away from the creek. We were very sad to hear her scolded continually, over getting her hands wet and muddy, getting her shoes damp, etc. One of the children asked “why did they bring her down to the creek, if she isn’t supposed to get dirty?” I had no answer. They were gone almost as quickly as they came. The rest of the day was spent with great joy–splashing, wading and exploring. As promised. Here are a few images from our day:

The sky was the most incredible shade of blue:

The wildflowers were abundant…this little guy is happy to have found this one:

The water, though quite chilly, was much too tempting to resist:

Armed with nets and ziploc baggies, our adventurers collected several specimens:

Looks like the raccoons were here first:

Big brother makes a terrific ferryman:

By far the best gifts my creek-waders have ever received:

A couple of my favorite photos:

Hope your day was this lovely…