Richard Dawkins appears to be a fraud.

For many years now, he has been masquerading as both evolutionary scientist and atheist, which according to him, are two disciplines inseparable from one another. The real story: Richard Dawkins, also author of the recent best seller, The God Delusion, appears to be more of a metaphysical naturalist, dabbling in philosophy and harboring a hatred of organized religion. These are the impressions my son and I came away with after viewing Ben Stein’s latest film.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a sort-of documentary exposing the persecution of scientists who dare to cross the line from evolutionary Darwinism to Intelligent Design. This is not exactly news. With the increasing pressures to maintain the “separation of Church and state” within the sphere of public education, both in grade school and university, it is certainly not a shocking revelation to discover that Intelligent Design (which is not Creationism, by the way!) has been given the status of a new religious creed. And therefore must be crushed. No surprise.

What is surprising about this trend is the desire, indeed the animosity of the evolutionary scientific elite to squelch any possibility within academic circles introducing a theory seemingly in contradiction with Darwinism. The interesting point here: Darwinism and ID approach biological origins from two completely different points of reference. Nowhere in the Origin of the Species does Darwin preface an understanding as to how that single celled organism came into being. Nowhere. In Expelled, the evolutionary biologists and scientists whom were interviewed, offered few theories and stated emphatically and repeatedly: we don’t know. We don’t know.

And these theories? Life began on the back of crystals. Umhm. No explanation as to how “something came from nothing,” once again, the lack of an originating source. Lightning. Right… Another theory: life was “seeded” here by an alien life form. Hmm. And the origin of this life form?

Mr. Dawkins was the provider of the last scenario. In a diatribe (interestingly title Lying For Jesus…Ben Stein is Jewish!) over having been duped into giving honest answers to Mr. Stein, he attempts to “soft-shoe” his way out of several revelations regarding his theories and opinions:

*The study of evolutionary science concludes naturally with atheism. He said he should never say that, that he was being very frank, more frank than most scientists would, but that it is true.

*That he is not 100% certain that there is no God! He stated maybe 99%, but definitely over 50%. Isn’t that the qualification for being an atheist? 100%? Isn’t anything less agnosticism?

*He presented the “alien seeding” premise…then supported the possibility that the theory would indeed support ID.

A final statement from Dawkins: when asked by Ben Stein “what if you died and met God? What if he said to you, “Richard…I gave you success, a multi-million dollar salary and you wrote this book?! What were you thinking?” To which Dawkins replied, with a rather sad smile: “I would repeat what another scientist has said, when presented with the same question, “Sir…why did you keep yourself so well-hidden?”

Hidden…and yet these brilliant men will entertain any theory, any theory, other than the possibility of Intelligent Design. The don’t want to think about it. To quote another scientist: Intelligent Design is boring!

The movie was entertaining, informative and presented both sides with equanimity. I attended with my 14 year old, though I believe the film may be a bit above the understanding of anyone younger. The atheists and evolutionists are declaring foul…they say the working title of the film was presented as something entirely different, but I’m wondering how a mere title would have changed their answers. An honest answer is an honest answer.

Or at least it should be.

Is it worth seeing? Absolutely! The proponents of Intelligent Design merely want to level the playing field. This film seeks to do just that.