After centuries of persecution, the table is turning. Tonight the Christians will feast upon the lions!

A big thanks to Catholic Cuisine for this lovely suggestion to celebrate the feast of St. Mark. We altered the recipe just a tad…replacing the caramel corn with butterscotch chips. Why? Because we had them on hand! The story of my life–I’m the queen of substitution!

Why lions? The winged lion is the symbol for St. Mark. In the book of Revelation, St. John records a vision in which he sees the Throne of God surrounded by four winged creatures: a man, a lion, an ox and an eagle.

Here’s an interesting observation:

It has customarily been supposed that these represent the four Gospels, or the four Evangelists (Gospel-writers). One way of matching them is to say that the man stands for Matthew, whose narrative begins with the human genealogy of Jesus; that the lion stands for Mark, whose narrative begins with John the Baptist crying out in the desert (a lion roars in the desert); that the ox, a sacrificial animal, stands for Luke, whose narrative begins in the Temple, and that the eagle stands for John, whose narrative begins in Heaven, with the eternal Word.

Don’t you just love being Catholic? I can’t imagine living any other way…

Back to the scholars, now.  We’re nearly finished for the day, and it’s about time to start “chowing down” on a few lions!