Today is the Holy Feast of Pentecost, and additionally, Mother’s Day. As a dear friend pointed out, it’s rather appropriate that we are celebrating Mother’s Day on the same day as the birth of the Church, who is also our mother.

Our parish celebrated the the feast with much pomp and splendor…Holy Mass began with the May Crowning of yet another mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary:

We’ve had a few funnel clouds in the area, as well as a possible touch down just a couple miles from our home, so it looks as though we will be crowning our garden statue next Sunday. We managed to finish the Mary garden and are thankful for all the rain…the roses and herbs are now well watered.

Following a delicious Mother’s Day brunch with a couple of friends, we returned home and I put the finishing touches on the Pentecost cake. Chock full of symbolism, it’s a visual treat as well as delicious!

Right before the mighty “wind:”

A big thank you to Catholic Cuisine for this wonderful way to mark the feast day.

I pray that all of you are celebrating a joyous and blessed Pentecost Sunday and Mother’s Day.