The thrift store comes through, once again! This morning’s adventure was one of pure chance. I made an extremely necessary trip to the BMV to pick up tags for the van and managed to get out in less than five minutes!! Knowing that the children were in capable hands, I stopped by a thrift store to look for play clothes for Charlotte and found this:

A Strasburg dress…100% silk, white, pristine condition and $4.99! Oh, happy day!

I took a quick spin through the home furnishings and found a much needed replacement for my old sewing machine (I’ve been using my mom’s…now she can have it back!):

$24.99…perfect working condition, all operator’s manuals, etc. The machine I’ve been using lacks a cabinet. I can never leave it out and so have had to complete projects as quickly as possible. No more! This little cabinet machine will fit perfectly under the window in my bedroom…happy days of sewing are on the horizon!

Sweet discoveries, indeed!