We don’t have an attic.

We don’t have a basement.

We have a garage. A very leaky, very old, not-attached-to-the-house garage. It is a very poor storage facility. Nonetheless, that is exactly what it is used for. Plastic bins containing last season’s clothing, Christmas decorations, sleds and old bicycles…and it has actually served us well.

Until today.

The weather has improved dramatically, so today was the day I had my oldest son bring in the summer bins. The boy’s things are fine, mom and dad’s clothing fared the season’s storage well. But the girl’s clothing…oh my heavens…every single beautiful dress…ruined. Mold, mildew…absolutely beyond salvage. The little ones were so fond of their many pretty dresses. Though Charlotte had outgrown quite a few, Emily would have had plenty to make it through the summer. Not now.

Here’s the good news: Everyone of those dresses are replaceable. Top of line, extremely lovely and I don’t think I paid more than $5.00 for any of them. This is the advantage of frugality! While it is painful to see these pretty dresses bagged and ready for the trash, the reality is they will be quite easily replaced. And perhaps we don’t really need so many dresses, no matter how inexpensive they are.

And then there’s my sewing machine…ahh…the sewing machine. Tailoring dresses to our taste and desire for innocence and modesty.

Sometimes what seems a loss is really a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it’s not such a sad occasion, after all.