From The Simple Woman


Outside My Window… the trees are swaying in the brisk morning breeze, the irises have begun to open, birds fill the trees.

I am thinking… about rearranging my bedroom, preparing for my elderly grandmother’s extended visit, taking the children to the park today.

I am thankful for…hot tea, good friends, and God’s unending love and patience.

From the kitchen…pancakes, maple sausage and soft-boiled eggs this morning, baked chicken, herbed red potatoes and greenbeans, homemade bread and sliced apples for supper.

I am wearing…long sleeved Eddie Bauer denim dress, my favorite striped canvas apron, brown mary-jane crocs, hair up in a twist

I am creating…a lovely pair of handknit socks in a delicious pumpkin wool, two hair kerchiefs and nightgowns for my little girls, a coin bag for Gareth.

I am going…to wash, dry and fold many loads of clothes today!

I am reading…Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset and a little booklet by Tan called Guardian Angels, Our Holy Companions.

I am hoping…that my dear husband will not return too late from a hard day’s work landscaping, that a very special call he’s hoping to receive today will go well, that it doesn’t rain.

I am hearing… the wind whistling past my bedroom window, the birds singing joyfully and the first stirrings of my waking children. Emily…she’s always the first down and the first up!

Around the house…balls of yarn in baskets, with many knitting needles sticking up, looking like a kindergartener’s rendition of a porcupine, patterns and fabric stacked hapharzardly on the sewing table, a laundry room with three baskets of unwashed laundry, four loads in need of folding, a sweet little bouquet of pansies and irises (gathered by Gareth and Arthur) sitting on my computer desk.

One of my favorite things…drinking hot tea with a dear friend, preferably my husband!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Plant the sunflowers for the Sunflower Grotto, put down mulch in the Mary Garden, prepare the children for the annual assessment test, attend the weekday Latin masses, knit and sew!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…from the herb garden box under my kitchen window:

Have a lovely day!