What is a scapular?

A scapular is a garment worn by religious over the shoulders (scapula), and hanging down in front and back, usually to about the bottom of the habit. It developed as a practical garment, protecting the habit during work, and was in time invested with spiritual significance, consecration or dedication to God.

For additional information regarding the Brown Scapular, check out Catholic Culture.

The Brown Scapular is very much associated with Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, and many blessings and privileges have been described for those who persevere in faithfulness and devotion.

I’ve worn the Brown Scapular off and on for the past several years. I had my scapular blessed, but had never been enrolled. I’m ashamed to say, my devotion has never been what it should be, and I’d like to change that. My son, Galahad, is perhaps the best example of devotion to this sacramental. Having been formally enrolled after receiving First Holy Communion at the TLM, he refers to the scapular as his “protection.” He understands his responsibilities regarding this devotion and realizes that the scapular is not a “get into heaven free card.”

This morning, following the 9:00 a.m. Latin Mass, we participated in a traditional Brown Scapular enrollment ceremony. God bless Father! At the drop of a hat, he will arrange his schedule to accommodate the spiritual needs of his children.

We arrived a little too early for Mass this morning…my goodness, we weren’t the only ones who were early!

The ceremony, offered in Latin, was quite touching. Seven individuals were enrolled:

After the ceremony, the Boys’ Schola gave a little concert from the choir loft:

Why should you attend weekday Mass? Because your priest really needs a hug!