As we celebrated the traditional Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), it seemed  appropriate that we should mark the occasion with a special meal. Our dear friends, Hilaire and Daniel, joined us for dinner, with Hilaire contributing bread, wine and a most delicious dish: pheasant in a mushroom sauce.

The bread and wine were served to represent the Body and Blood of Our Lord. Yes, even the children had wine (we are Catholic, you know and it was sangria, actually…Hilaire refers to this as “children’s wine” due to the low alcohol content, the grownups drank Merlot). The bread was an amazing sour dough bread flown in directly from San Francisco and carted around from airport to airport by Hilaire…it was the perfect accompaniment to dinner! Wild rice, melon, strawberries and mangoes, asparagus, broccoli and cheese sauce…and pheasant. What a feast!

As none of us had ever had pheasant before, it was quite interesting getting the children past their reticence to try something new. They all enjoyed it (well…Charlotte says it was “yucky,” but she says that about all new foods). Hubby said it was one of the best dishes he’s ever had. And he’s a really happy man…Hilaire brings some of the most unusual things for dinner–things I would normally never, ever fix, but that hubby and the boys would love. So here’s a brief look at the foods we’ve learned to love over the last year, compliments of Hilaire:

Ostrich (in a wonderful lasagna, made with whole wheat pasta)
Buffalo (burgers and hot dogs)
Bison (burgers, sausage)
Antelope (sausage in the best marinara I’ve ever had in my life!)
Canadian Goose (stewed…delicious)
Venison (stewed, marinated loin, burgers, sausage…you name it)
Duck (bacon) (quite tasty, actually!)
Pheasant (amazing…last night’s dinner)
and…yuck…I’ll never, ever love it…Calamari, otherwise known as the best bait for catching flounder, something I would eat!

It was a lovely evening…the men and children enjoyed watching The Apple Dumpling Gang and were served Molten Lava Cake with ice cream. The entire family so much enjoys the company of these two wonderful men…may God bless them both.