What a busy weekend! Two birthdays, a garden planted, a host of kittens discovered in the garage, the sunflower grotto planted, yard mowed and edged…and a tea party in the works for today!

Alas, all is not done, not even close! The laundry is piled to the ceiling in the mudroom, the upstairs is a disaster and I’m beginning to feel the pressure to accomplish everything before my parents and grandmother arrive in 10 days. Then there’s the big BBQ that we host annually. My biggest concern is readying the house for my grandmother. She’ll be staying with us for several weeks and I want her to be as comfortable as possible. It will be such an honor to have her here, to spoil her a bit and just enjoy having her as part of the immediate family. Say a little prayer for me, would you? It will be a challenge, but, oh so worth it!

Here are few pictures from the weekend:

Gareth learns to till:

Kittens come to call:

Little girls love kittens!

Guess what Galahad got for his birthday:

Target practice:

Yesterday evening’s rainbow: