When will it end?  How could they?  Dear God in heaven, have mercy on them!

The Holy Family Community Kitchen and Pantry has been shut down due to copper thieves…yes…copper thieves!  Our soup kitchen serves nearly 5000 families per week.  These thieves have robbed not only the Church, but the homeless and the poor. Two large refrigeration compressors, along with copper piping, were stolen over the Memorial Day weekend. The units were unbolted from concrete pads and hauled away. Food soon spoiled, and the kitchen had to close.  I’ve not heard whether the kitchen has been able to reopen.  Please pray!  The other community soup kitchens have been feeling the strain to help the families that Holy Family Community Kitchen has had to turn away.

The only good news:  the soup kitchen is attached to the Jubilee Museum.  Praise God, it seems the priceless artifacts, relics and vestments have not been disturbed.

All for copper tubing…how very, very sad.

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