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June 2, 2008

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

From the Simple Woman’s Daybook:


Outside my Window
…several birds are merrily chirping, the sky is a vivid blue, small whispy clouds floating on the horizon, a cool breeze is blowing the curtains…

I am thinking…about how much work needs to be done to ready the house for my parent’s visit and this weekend’s big barbecue…

I am thankful for…the weekend I spent with my parents and be able to attend Elizabeth’s baby shower…

From the kitchen…are the remains of this morning’s coddled eggs, lunch will be a “catch what you can” affair, due to mom’s need to clean up the mess that the guys left behind this weekend…

I am creating…another pair of handknit baby socks…

I am going…to enjoy the 10 day visit with my mom, dad and grandmother. Even more, I will enjoy providing care for my grandmother over the next month!

I am wearing…a pink long-sleeved, laced edged tee-shirt with pale green capris, hair hanging straight down, bare foot.

I am reading…Old Errors, New Problems – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

I am hoping…to finish cleaning the upstairs this afternoon.

I am hearing…conversation between three of my boys.

Around the house…are a couple of gardens, blooming peony bushes, children playing in the sandbox, laundry drying on the line…

One of my favorite things…listening to my children’s conversations when they don’t know I’m listening…very, very funny!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…continue to order things in the home to my grandmother’s needs, stress less and pray more!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

The most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever photographed:

Night at the museum…

Eclectic, curious, eccentric, odd…all adjectives aptly describing the museum-like interior of my parent’s home. My children wander the rooms in a state of wonder. Touching is encouraged…and the little hands ever so gently open small boxes, peek into vintage Viewmasters, handle seashells and fossils and many other curiosities.

Mom and Dad have been amassing this collection for many years. Everything is displayed so artfully, encouraging the viewer to look and explore. I see something new every time I visit and am amazed at their ability to find the most unusual things imaginable. The most incredible find ever: a 17th century handcarved reliquary containing the relics (human hair) of more than 14 Saints. These relics are small hair wrapped spools (labeled, only a few names remain legible) contained in the back of 5 inch tall crucifix.

My parent’s jokingly refer to the “museum” as our inheritance. My brother and I have our favorite pieces of course…he prefers the paintings and I, the glassware, china and religious artifacts.

I’m in no hurry to “inherit!” I love my parents…besides, can you imagine how long it’ll take to sell all that stuff on ebay? Hehehe…sorry Mom and Dad!

Meanwhile, enjoy a quick tour…I couldn’t begin to cover everything, there’s just too, too much!

Weekend shower, pt. II

What a long weekend! Many hours of driving…thank heaven’s the little girls slept on nearly every trip! 4 hours the first day, 3 hours the second day and 4 hours again the third day.

The shower was lovely…Elizabeth was quite touched by the incredible generosity of many friends and family members. Her baby boy will surely lack for no material good, may God grant him the same wealth of spirit!

The visit was much too short, as the party was the focus. I miss my girl and look forward to spending a bit more time with her, under less formal circumstances and hopefully, will have the privilege of seeing her cradling her little one…

The visit with my mom and dad was a blast…more on that to come! Meanwhile, here’s slide show of the baby shower:

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