Very early this morning, the children and I had the privilege to attend, what was for us, a first. A Missa Pro Ecclesiae Defensione (Mass in Defense of the Church), or as Father so aptly put it: a defense against paganism and heathen nations. Six FSSP seminarians (including Holy Family’s very own, Michael Connaughten) assisted in choir. These six voices filled the sanctuary with the sweetest music. My four boys served as well, including little Gareth, who served as boat bearer for the very first time.

What a privilege to assist at this Holy Mass! To join in prayer for the defense of Holy Mother Church. The collect says it all:

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus,
in cuius manu sunt omnium potestates
et omnia iura regnorum:
respice in auxilium christianorum;
ut gentes paganorum, quae in sua feritate confidunt,
dexterae tuae potentia conterantur.


Almighty everlasting God,
in whose hand are all the powers
and governance of every realm,
look to the help of Christians,
that the heathen nations, which put their trust in their own fierceness,
may be crushed by the might of Your right hand.

Here are a few pictures:

Waiting for the doors to the sacristy to open…

The FSSP seminarians sat in choir, chanting with angelic voices…

L’Abbé Michael Connaughten of Holy Family parish read the Epistle…

Arthur and Gareth served as thurifer and boat bearer, respectively…

Gareth follows his big brother everywhere!

A busy weekend, a very late night last night, up at 6:30 a.m. They slept through the entire Mass…