Just a quick post in the midst of a very busy week…

The annual BBQ was a blast! Surrounded by friends, both new and old, from the Latin Mass community and blessed by the presence of my parents and dear grandmother, the day was one of great fun and pure joy. Nearly 30 lbs. of Roger’s very special bbq ribs, 15 lbs. of “smashed” potato salad, 10 lbs. of baked beans and a host of other dishes contributed by our many friends, made for a most memorable feast.

Oh yeah…and beer. Lots of beer.

The afternoon was a blistering 95 degrees (thanks for praying us a sunny day, Sr. Margerita!) Despite the more than ample room to roam, our 50+ guests huddled tightly in the one shady area in the backyard…

Politics, religion, childrearing…so many conversations taking place simultaneously–what fun! The highlight? Singing “Happy Birthday” to my dear grandmother Carole…the look on her face was positively priceless.

The festivities lasted for several hours, families one by one drifting reluctantly towards car and home. How precious are these times of fellowship! You can’t imagine a more eclectic group of people, such a tight group and yet the circle opens so quickly to accommodate newcomers.

Here are a few excellent pictures from my favorite photographer, my precious daughter, Clementine. I’ve squeezed a few of my pics in as well. The gorgeous shots are all hers…mine are the snapshots!