…I love about you:

My darling Roger, you are the most…

1. Compassionate
2. Generous
3. Kind
4. Handsome
5. Loving
6. Patient
7. Merciful
8. Honest
9. Gentle
10. Humorous
11. Intelligent
12. Faithful
13. Devoted
14. Talented
15. Passionate
16. Dedicated
17. Tireless
18. Steady
19. Persistent
20. Decent
21. Friendly
22. Wise
23. Fatherly
24. Humble
25. Creative
26. Optimistic
27. Hardworking

…man, that I’ve ever known. Twenty-seven years ago, we started on this journey together, and the years have been very, very good to us! Nine children, five grandchildren and a love that continues to grow with every passing year. I thank God for counting me worthy to be your wife…how I ever merited such a wonderful husband, a true St. Joseph, is such a mystery and one of the best examples of God’s great mercy and generosity. Thank you for being my best friend, for leading our family with faith, kindness, patience and love.

Twenty-seven years! Happy anniversary, darling!