As many of you are already aware, my daughter Elizabeth is suffering from severe pre-eclampsia.  Her blood pressure is dangerously high, her urine protein levels are off the chart and she is being prepared for a trial labor after 12 hours of magnesium sulfate to lower her blood pressure.  Please pray, dear friends!  She is very frightened, wanting her mother to be present.  I’m currently providing care for my elderly grandmother, coupled with transportation difficulties, since hubby no longer has a company vehicle.  Grandma Marty is on the way, and will be a great support, but mother and daughter are suffering acutely.

Your prayers for a safe delivery and the emotional well-being of my daughter, are most greatly appreciated.  Oh yes…pray for me, would you?  This is such a trial…I trust in God’s mercy and Divine Providence, but I miss my girl and want to be there for her.  Thank you, dear friends…I know what excellent prayer warriors you are!