Thank you, dear friends, for your many prayers for both Elizabeth and her baby!

Benjamin Scott was born June 19th at 3:03 p.m. (three minutes after the Hour of Mercy!).  He weighed 5lbs. 8oz, and is 17 inches long.  Due to his prematurity and his mother’s health necessitating an emergency C-section, he’s having a bit of a struggle breathing.  It’s quite common for babies born via C-section to have some fluid in their lungs.  Baby Ben is suffering from a touch of pneumonia, as well as a possible partially collapsed lung.  He remains on a ventilator and will spend at least a week in the NICU.

Please keep Elizabeth in your prayers…she is suffering tremendously, having not held her baby even once.   She wants to be able to nurse her son, but that is not possible at present.  As a mother, I know only too well just how empty her arms feel, coupled with the struggles that this precious little one is facing.

Last night, Elizabeth was able to see her son for the first time.  Unfortunately, he had a bit of respiratory distress, and the scene was quite frightening for both mother and grandmother.  The doctors and nurses who care for these little miracles are such wonderful people.  Quick to answer questions and to reassure parents and grandparents that the babies are receiving the best of care.  Nonetheless, this young mother wants her baby, and though the father is spending every spare moment in the NICU, reporting the baby’s condition continually, it’s just not quite the same.  Fr. Timmel came by yesterday, to bless both Elizabeth and the baby, but was not allowed to enter the NICU because baby Ben was in the middle of a medical procedure.  Elizabeth retained Father’s card and I’ve asked her to consider an early Baptism…we all know just how powerful that sacrament is!  It just might effect the turn around little Ben needs…

Meanwhile here’s a photo of little Benjamin Scott before he was placed on the ventilator:

Please keep mother, father and baby in your prayers…there are plans to slowly wean him from the ventilator and his mom is longing for that day…it will be the day that she will actually be able to hold him in her arms.