If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know that laundry is a very frequent topic of discussion .  I love my clothesline, am constantly looking for ways to improve the whole laundry experience, as it takes such a large part of my day.

Which brings me to the topic of laundry detergent and the trend that has lead quite a few wives and mothers to experiment with making their own.

My interest in making my own laundry soap first began after reading this post.  Hmmm…cheaper? Definitely intriguing…but what if cheaper isn’t better?  What if the family didn’t like the smell?  What if the laundry isn’t as clean?

I remained skeptical.

Then I read this postCleaner? Smells better?  I have five men in my house…any laundry soap that can stand up to the dirt, grime, sweat, etc. that these guys dish out would be worth an attempt.

So I made the first batch. And last night I made the second.  We’re hooked.  Even 18 year old Clementine has declared it a superior product.  She says she doesn’t even need fabric softener any longer.

And the scent after a few hours on the line?  Delicious.  Fresh, without a hint of any underlying odor or chemicals.

Like I said, we’re hooked.  A money saving product that takes very little effort to “whip up” and a superior product.  Hurray!