I’m writing quite late to beg your prayers, dear friends.

Last night, Grandma Carol fell, just one short week before her return to Kentucky.  Her hip has multiple fractures and surgery takes place Tuesday morning.

If you’ve been following our times with Grandma, then you know how traumatic the situation is for the entire family.

Grandma’s hip is broken.  Our hearts are broken.  A family is scrambling as quickly as possible, united in the goal to help Grandma heal and searching for the best options for her continued rehabilitation.

Keep her in your prayers.  She’s suffering such tremendous pain, is frightened of what the future holds, yet trusting that those who love her will make the right decisions.

This evening, just before sedation, Grandma Carol was anointed by Fr. Lutz.  The Anointing of the Sick is such a powerful sacrament…God is working through this time of suffering, giving many graces to sustain His children.