One week…it seems so very much longer since Grandma fell and broke her leg. For the past several days, I’ve practically lived at the hospital.  Days filled with CAT scans, xrays, consultations, blood tests and finally surgery. The surgery was a great success: a procedure normally scheduled for 2 -3 hours was accomplished in less than an hour. Within 18 hours Grandma was standing. Her leg, fractured in two places, was secured by a screw, plate and rod and should heal with very little difficulty. Walking, however, remains the feat to be accomplished.

The good news: during this trial, Grandma has received continuing treatment for a kidney infection. Though she had been taking oral antibiotics, apparently they weren’t doing the job. The increasing weakness and dementia has been a by product of a long-standing infection. Oral and IV antibiotics seem to be an effective combination. Grandma is completely lucid, interacting in ways she’s been unable to for the past several weeks. Today, during therapy, she took 13 steps.

She’s mending. The goal is to keep her on track…healing, exercising and ultimately preparing for the long trip back to Kentucky. Meanwhile, the children pick her wildflowers to cheer her up and I’m visiting daily; painting her nails, fixing her hair and providing constant updates on the crazy happenings at home.

Mom and Dad have been incredible throughout this ordeal. By Tuesday, they were here, anxious to see Grandma. Dad, giving my dear husband a break and the opportunity to return to his job, provided childcare all day long, for four straight days, for six children…God bless him! Mom and I took care of the day to day issues – checking on the rehabilitation facility together and drinking many, many cups of coffee!

I would like to thank you all, once again, dear friends! The many rosaries, prayers, Masses and sacrifices have benefited this family in ways that are beyond telling! May God return to you ten fold the many blessings so graciously bestowed upon us.