Last week, Mom and Dad brought us a waffle iron.  Not just any waffle iron, but the avocado green waffle iron of my childhood…remember the 70’s?  Every appliance was either Harvest Gold or Avocado Green.  I was amazed to discover that it still works after nearly 35 years!

Galahad is ecstatic!  At the insistence of his brothers and sisters, he’s up every morning, mixing and cooking waffles.  I have to admit, his waffles are much better than mine – crispier, with a light and fluffy texture that can’t be beat.

It’s delightful to have the help in the kitchen…he has an army of sous chefs de cuisine who are more than willing to assist in the process.

And so I’m off to eat waffles…

BTW, here’s a really great recipe for waffles, found at this website.