Somewhere a man is dying. I can’t tell you where, but I can tell you why. Lying in a hospital bed, he is being slowly starved and dehydrated to death. At the insistence of his loved ones.

In a supposedly Catholic hospital.

There are no reporters swarming the hospital, no protesters waving banners, crying and praying. There is no one by his bedside. Instead, a “No visitors allowed at the request of the patient’s family” sign is posted on the door.

I stood in the hall outside of his room, accompanied by a couple good friends. We had hoped to be allowed to at least sit by his bed and pray. Maybe swab his mouth, to ease the suffering caused by dehydration.


We were not allowed to comfort him. His family will not allow it.

We sat and prayed the rosary, outside the nurse’s station. It was very difficult. The nurses were laughing and talking with one another. Across the hall, a man lay dying. Suffering.

I can’t tell you who he is or where he is. Pro-life activists, priests and attorneys are working diligently to save his life, to turn the tide from malice to mercy.

Would you join us in prayer? Please pray for this dear, nameless, faceless man. Pray for his family, for God’s great mercy. Our prayers are the most effective tools for this battle…Believe!!