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FOR TODAY – July 28th, 2008

Outside my Window…the breeze is chilly and damp, the sky is a bit overcast. The sweet, earthy scent of the towering corn fills the air.

I am thinking…

I am thankful for…last night’s picnic. The best date in a very long time. My dear husband and I and several friends attended what had to be the most creative rendition of William Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure. Hysterically, raucously funny…I haven’t laughed that loud in quite awhile. I packed a very simple repast: lavash wraps, strawberries, melon and cheese. A couple of Strongbow Ciders, tea cups and a thermos full of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. The crisp, clear evening, the twinkling stars, hot tea and good friends…and Shakespeare. When it comes to entertainment, it doesn’t get much better.

From the kitchen…strong, hot coffee with Sweet Italian Cream and English muffins with blackberry jam. This evening: Southwestern Chicken Casserole, coleslaw and spiced peaches.

I am creating…not there yet, friends! It may be awhile before I can do anything more creative than blogging…this is the least time consuming venue open to me at present!

I am going…to stay home and enjoy the day. Galahad wants to make more waffles for freezing. I’m more than happy to let him!

I am wearing…khaki capris, a brown surplice-style peasant blouse, hair hanging straight down. Finally…I don’t need that silly clip to hold back my bangs!

I am reading…How To Clean Practically Anything. Found it for .50 at the thrift store!

I am hoping…these cool days and nights last a bit longer. I feel positively renewed when the temperature drops. This has been a delightful summer.

I am hearing…birds of many kind singing outside my window. The tumbling dryer. All else is silent…the children are still sleeping!

Around the house…blooming sunflowers and morning glories, soon-to-ripen tomatoes and grass that needs to be mowed. It’s time to organize the classroom, though we don’t generally start school until after Labor Day.

One of my favorite things…pretty tea cups. Every morning I take secret delight in choosing the prettiest cup and saucer I have and serving myself coffee or tea. The presentation makes all the difference…

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…visiting my Grandmother, planning for the upcoming school year, taking Gareth to his very first piano lesson and organizing my classroom.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

The Brandywine tomatoes will soon ripen:

The first sunflower in the Grotto has opened: