Grandma has another fracture.  Right beside the repair work that was done three weeks ago.  It seems the simple act of standing was enough to trigger an additional crack.  All of this when we were getting so close…closer to healing and had even felt that we had an answer to increasing dementia.  Her current doctor had ordered an additional MRI to evaluate her for a condition called NPH.  I’d never heard of it until the night I was researching the location of the hospital that Mr. Domigan was staying in.  A banner flashed across the hospital website screen.  Does your loved one have NPH? The health issues outlined, the circumstances leading to this particular condition, all seemed to fit all the specifics of Grandma’s rapid decline over the past eight months.

We were so hopeful.  The MRI showed that Grandma had a sufficient level of ventricular swelling that could indicate NPH.  We just needed to get her through physical therapy and on the road to Kentucky so that we could schedule an appointment with a neuro-surgeon.

We’re back to square one.  Tomorrow, Grandma returns to the orthopedist and will be evaluated for another surgery.  This time, they may have to secure the fractured bone with wire, in addition to the large plates and screws that make up the greater part of her femur.  Needless to say, all the progress that had been made is lost, and we must trust that God is using this particular setback to our greater good and His greater glory.

I’m so thankful for having read When Bad Things Happen.  If you haven’t read it, or I haven’t emailed it to you, then do so immediately!!  It is such an encouragement and definitely helps put things in perspective when the inevitable “whys” rear their ugly heads…

Meanwhile, keep us in prayer…I try so hard not to “stress”, but I’m really struggling with the sheer amount of time I must spend away from the children.  If Grandma must have surgery again, that time will increase exponentially.