Theology and a cup of coffee…what a delightful way to spend the morning! The visit with Fr. Z of What Does The Prayer Really Say? was interesting as well as informative. Charming and forthright, Father was incredibly generous with his time, despite his increasingly busy schedule. The conversation was lively and humorous, revealing the graciousness of our host and his desire to leave no question unanswered. We discussed architecture, the liturgy, vestments and a myriad other topics of interest to the group. Father was extremely intrigued to discover that Ohio boasts a Pontifical Museum and has promised to visit and offer a Traditional Latin Mass if Fr. Lutz is willing to extend an invitation…and I’m so sure he will!

And the story about “picking up an old bottle of microphone”…hehehe…too funny. I have the video to prove it. I’ll have to run it by Fr. Z first; no unauthorized videos will be shown on this blog…

But it is soooo tempting!

Here are a few snapshots of the morning, taken by blogger extraordinaire, Mary Rose of Catholic Prodigal Daughter. A great big thanks to our chauffeur, Hilaire, for providing the safe passage and for tolerating the non-stop chatter of two extremely passionate speakers all the way to Cleveland.

Fr. Z and Fr. Ireland

Fr. Z and the lovely Mary Rose

Fr. Z and yours truly ;-D

Fr. Z and Hilaire