What would you want your holy card to look like?

Lovely Esther has tagged me for the oddest meme! To imagine my canonization at this point is a bit presumptuous, to say the least! Why…I’m not quite through running this race, though I am daily working out my salvation with fear and trembling!

So…on to this fictitious holy card. Which image would I choose? Here’s a rather goofy pose from my childhood. Sums me up rather well. I call this the “look-at-me-aren’t-I-just-adorable” pose. I actually had to edit my sweet little brother out the photo…he’s just way, way cuter than me!

By the way…just call me the Patron Saint of the Proud and Those Lacking Sufficient Humility. If I make it to Heaven…and I’m really, really trying…it will only be after a valiant struggle with those two non-virtues! I’m a choleric to the tips of my toes. This has been my contemplation for the past couple of weeks–how to best defeat my particular faults and flaws by using the God-given strength of my particular temperament. This has been an ongoing battle for many years. I fear I’ve been a bit complacent, of late. Resting on my laurels, so to speak. Time to pray the Litany of Humility

This photo is the one that I like best:

It’s how I would want to be remembered.


At rest, at peace, at home.

Taken by Clementine when she was 16 years old. Mom, wearing a dirty yellow dress, stained with the day’s labors, no makeup, hair in a messy twist–she captured this moment for Mother’s Day, assembling the most delightful album of all the children. The beauty is not in the subject matter, but in the feelings evoked. Motherhood. I’d like to claim that patronage, but I’ll never be worthy…I want it, but will never deserve it. Not until I’m more like our Lady…there was no pride, no lack of humility in Her.

So! Time to pass this meme to a few other deserving souls:




Christina (it’s time you came out of lurkdom!)