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FOR TODAY – August 25, 2008

Outside my Window…overcast. A lone cardinal is singing outside my window. Slightly breezy, cool and damp.

I am thinking…about my dishwasher. It’s not working. I guess I get to practice a little more theology at the tap

I am thankful for…so many things, but most certainly, at this moment, I’m thankful for my husband who can probably fix that dishwasher! At least, I hope he can…

From the kitchen…a flood. Lots of wet towels on the floor. And breakfast. This morning the kids want scromblets. What are they, you ask? A nifty idea I picked up at Full Bellies, Happy Kids. Give each child a quart size freezer bag with their name on it. Start boiling a large pan of water. Crack two eggs in each bag. Add salt and pepper. Allow the children to choose from a variety of fillings: chopped ham, shredded cheese, sliced onions, salsa, fresh herbs or whatever else suits your taste. Zip the bags closed, squeezing out excess air. Now shake! Shake harder! Toss the bags in the furiously boiling water and set the timer for 13 minutes. Carefully remove bags, put on plates and allow the children to unzip and empty contents. Instant omelets, or as my oldest son calls them, scromblets. Delicious!

For supper: pork teriyaki stir fry with oriental cabbage salad.

From the learning room…stacks of books to be sorted and shelved, desks to be wiped down, whiteboard need cleaning, lesson plans to be fine-tuned, in other words…WE’RE NOT QUITE READY!!  Thank heavens, our first day isn’t until after Labor Day!

I am creating…not feeling very creative at present. I am writing more. Does that count?

I am going…to work upstairs today. The classroom still needs organizing. We keep moving books from downstairs to upstairs. Where are these things coming from?! Oh yes…I keep buying them. Note to self: STOP BUYING SO MANY BOOKS!!! As if I could actually do that…I found several DK family encyclopedia volumes for fifty cents. The kids love them!! Justifying, justifying, justifying!

I am wearing…khaki capris and a long-sleeved black t-shirt, hair in a twist, barefoot…

I am reading…lots of children’s books lately.

I am hoping…the sore-throat-cough-don’t-feel-good bug has left. It was short-lived, but has worked it’s way through all of the children but one.

I am hearing…the whirring squeak of the ceiling fan. Galahad is turning it off. It’s quite annoying

Around the house…much tidying and cleaning today. We had fun this weekend. Looks like today we get to pay for it!

One of my favorite things…Clementine’s Canon PowerShot S315. Which she has given me unrestricted access to!! I love my little Canon point and shoot, but there’s no comparison to this one. Now I have to figure out all those nifty features…

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…haircuts for the boys, assemble a couple nice outfits for each of the children and then it’s off to the park for school pictures. Clementine is working on a portfolio of school shots and I’m delighted to be the recipient of a series of professional grade school photos. This should be fun!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

A few shots from our day at the creek: