October 1st is the Feast of St. Therese Of Lisieux, according to the new calendar.  For adherents to the Tridentine Calendar, the Feast is celebrated on October 3rd.  This family traditionally celebrates the feast days as delineated by the old calendar, but had to make a small exception today.  The weekday Traditional Latin Mass is offered at our parish only twice a week, Monday and Wednesday to be precise.  Last night we made an enormous bouquet of these roses (thanks, Jessica!), to give to our friends at today’s Mass.  What fun it was to have the children tell each recipient that “St. Therese wants me to give you this rose…” It’s amazing how much joy can be contained in something as small as two chocolate kisses, a bit of tulle and floral tape!  We still have plans to recognize our dear saint’s feast day on Friday, but it was such a pleasure to shower our friends with roses!  By the way…if you decide to make a bouquet yourself and aren’t able to find  red cellophane, four layers of tulle cut in 4 inch squares works nicely!

Blessings on this feast day,