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October 5, 2008

Paper crafts

1 sick child + 1 injured child = two very sad children

Two very, very sad children who didn’t get to go to the park today with dad and the other children.

Then mom found this website.

The Toymaker

A few sheets of cardstock, a printer, scissors and a glue stick, and voila!  A whole lot of fun and a few neat gifts for brothers and sisters.

We made the Fairy Window, the Puppet Theater and the Paddle Wheel Boat.

I’ll be printing up a few more projects for those rainy and sick day blues…

More creekside fun

Fossils, butterflies, spear-chucking and seining were on the agenda this afternoon at our local Metro Park.  Mom stayed home with Gawain, who was sick and Charlotte, who had severely burned her finger.  The remaining able-bodied family members spent the afternoon enjoying programs offered by the Metro Park system conservation officers.  The weather was beautiful, frost this morning and warming to 70 degrees by this afternoon.  Wish the rest of us could’ve been there…

Hubby took pictures of the fun:

The children were fascinated by this mastadon fossil

First bows, now spears?! I wonder what’s next…

Butterflies…Emily enjoyed observing the many specimens on display

Hope your Sabbath was equally enjoyable!

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