The younger children are enjoying Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Botany. What an outstanding program! Before class this morning, we took a nature walk to the woods. There is still much life left even as we are in the midst of the change of seasons. Butterflies and moths flitted before us, the corn rustling noisily as we proceeded down the path. Cookie was meowing anxiously, as if to warn us of the impending danger of the woods. We marched onward, marveling at the profusion of remaining plant life, now a bit more accessible, since the poison ivy has begun to recede. The dried flowers are still rather beautiful…we brought home quite a large bouquet, observing how very different these are from the living flowers gathered not so very long ago. We took time to stop regularly to photograph and sketch our observations for later identification. What an invigorating way to start the day!

If your currently studying botany or are simply interested in identifying plants and trees, here is an excellent resource.

Here’s a slideshow of our morning’s adventure: